It's Detox Season

This time of year usually motivates us to make some sort of grand health focused commitment to ourselves. After an indulgent Christmas and New Years celebrations, we often enter January feeling unhealthy and ready to hit the gym, start that diet and focus on our health.

Detoxing comes to mind as a good option to fast track our New Years wellness goals and it’s easy to see why. Most detoxes offer a quick fix, rapid weight loss and a solution to all of our health issues in one hit. Surely we can deprive ourselves for as long as it takes?

The problem with most commercial detoxes is just that, they promise a quick fix and deliver, however once you go back to your “normal” life and habits, all the benefits you experienced during this time are reversed. They don’t teach you positive eating and living for life and don’t set you up with skills to be able to look after yourself beyond the detox period.

We believe that detoxing doesn’t have to be this once a year drastic effort to reset your health. That’s why we offer Not Just Another Detox - Our two week online cleanse program that goes beyond starving yourself and taking some chemically-laden powder or pill to get results.

Here are our top five reasons to consider our detox program this New Year:

1.Commercial Detoxes Aren’t Sustainable

You actually need more nutrition to detox, not less. Depriving yourself of food does not much, except to reduce the amount of calories you’re taking in for the length of the detox. It can actually have a negative effect on our hormones, inducing un-needed stress in the body.

These deprivation based detoxes can only be done for a certain number of days because of this stress they cause in the body - Your body needs nutrition to survive and thrive.

2. Enjoy Real Food

Our detox allows you to eat abundantly! There are no pills or powders, no weird potions and no missing out on meals.

In fact, many of our participants comment that they have been able to eat MORE whilst detoxing, because all of the food is real and whole.

3. Learn How To Look After Yourself

Not Just Another Detox teaches you how to make healthy food for you and your family, how to shop wisely, how to detox your home and mind and how to move your body.

We provide you with our own tried and true recipes, exercise videos and daily email support to allow you to learn wellness for life, not just for the two weeks of the program.

Fall in love with looking after yourself and be able to put these learnings into practice well after the program has finished.

4. You Can Do It In Your Own Time

Our program is completely online. Yes it runs for two weeks, but you can do it in your own time. You can come back to the program whenever you need.

It’s yours for life! Save the emails you receive from us and do it at your own pace if needed.

The meal planner can be used continuously, it is highly energy dense and friendly for the whole family.

5. Access To A Qualified Naturopath, Mel

Unlike other detox programs, ours has been created and implemented by our very own naturopath, Melissa Gearing. The meals have been nutritionally formulated and balanced, and the recommendations come from years of seeing clients move through this program with amazing results.

If you have any questions along your detox journey, all you need to do is email Mel and she can support you!

Plus, add an individual naturopathy consultation to your program for continuing results and to address anything that came up for you during the program.

Ready to detox, for life?

You can start anytime with our online program!

Join us today for just $39.