Feeling flabby after too much Christmas pudding and New Years champagne? Finding it hard to hit the gym after the holidays?

It’s fun to enjoy a little bit of indulgence over the summer holidays, but it can make it difficult to get back on track with your healthy habits and wellness routine. New Years celebrations can lead into time away, and before we know it it’s the Australia Day holiday and we still haven’t gotten ourselves eating well or moving like we were last year!

Don’t let yourself slide down that slippery slope of carrying your unhealthy holiday habits into the New Year - Get back on the wellness train with these five easy tips:

1. Organise you Morning 

Prepare everything the night before. Lay out your workout gear and pack your gym bag.

Plan your meals and if possible, have them prepped and waiting for you. Doing this means a less stressed morning and a higher chance you follow through on your healthy routine!

2. Clear out the Crap 

Why test your will power unnecessarily? If there is leftover Christmas chocolates and that IS YOUR WEAKNESS THROW IT OUT! Nibbles hanging around from New Year? Ditch them.

Don’t think, just throw, or even better, donate!

3. Close the Kitchen

Pick a time where the kitchen is off limits. Turn out the lights, make a family service announcement. THE KITCHEN IS NOW CLOSED.

If you can do this for one week you will notice that night-time eating is a habit that will recede if you stop heeding the call.

4. Aim for Daily Movement

Of course there will be days where you miss it but if you aim for it every day and put it on your calendar you will at least end up with a solid 4 or 5 days of movement.

Start small if you have had some time off and build up over time! Pick something you enjoy, maybe a beach walk and swim or ball games with the family.

5. Give up the Booze (or at least reduce it) 

Getting on the wagon is the quickest way to lose the bloat. Not only will you save the extra calories, your willpower will be stronger to resist forbidden foods and your hunger will be more moderate.

Especially now that the major celebrations (and stress) have passed, there is no excuse really to be downing the wines. Give it a rest and notice how awesome you feel!

Remember that getting back on track is even harder than starting a brand new routine, because when you begin again, you remember how you used to feel and that can lead to some crappy thoughts.

Just keep moving and you can stay ahead of your thoughts about not being on track! You’ll get there, one step at a time.

If you need some extra support around this, please make an appointment with Mel!