Natural Health For Babies

My baby Callie is now almost a year old and we spend a lot of time with other kids. She loves being with them and is a social butterfly, but it does mean that she picks up whatever bugs they have.

She has had two colds in her short life and when she is sick it is hard to just sit and watch her suffer. If she has a fever I go for the baby Panadol, but there are so many other things you can do as well as pharmaceutical pain relief that will assist babies, despite the lack of options at the pharmacy.

I find that Callie is happier for it, not sick as long, has reduced symptoms and it may help prevent the need for further medications such as antibiotics. So, I thought I would share what I do as aNaturopath and Mum combined to help us both get through it as painlessly as possible.

You may also find some of these tips helpful during teething, growth spurts and general discomfort or unsettled times.

Rescue Remedy: I spray this on Callie’s head (and my own) when she is upset or before bed.

Magnesium foot wipes: Specially made for babies these are great to relax bubba and help with any pain.

Herb Mix: I make Callie a special little mix which assists with calming, pain and sleep.

Homeopathics: Brauer have a great range of baby homeopathics including teething liquid and gel, colic, sleep and more.

Bath: Do not underestimate the power of a warm bath or steamy shower for little one. It helps Callie to loosen mucous from her little sinus passages plus is a great relaxer. Once the mucous is softened it will easily run out or can be removed with a baby snot sucker or a brave Mum’s mouth (gross but effective, yes I do it). A bath was my choice of pain relief when giving birth to her and it was amazing. The bath solves most problems in our house.  

The bath – or the shower- are also a great place to feed if baby is unsettled. As they relax and become more comfortable it will be easier for them to latch and feed plus you will be more relaxed with them happy so your milk will come easier.

Olive Leaf: Is very safe for Mum to take while breastfeeding. This helps boost immune system and will assist stop the cold hanging around. I take 1 teaspoon in the morning and 1 at night when Callie is sick.

Vitamin C: Dose up as Mum and baby will get through the breastmilk. Get a high-quality vitamin C with no additives.

Cod Liver Oil: Callie gets this in her breakfast every morning. It has vitamin D and A and is great for her immune system. It is also full of beautiful omegas for her brain.

Probiotics: I pop these in Callie’s breakfast a few time s a week generally but every day when she is sick. Get baby-age specific probiotics.

If you are interested in more info or a special tonic for you or your bubba please make a booking with Mel in clinic or via Skype. Please get advice that is right for you and high quality supplements always.