All About Tummy Tonic

I started making general tonics so that people could experience the amazing benefits of herbs for everyday complaints. Things that maybe didn’t need a full naturopathic appointment, but that herbs worked wonders for.

My Tummy Tonic is one of these and has been a mix that has survived the last seven years without change. The blend of herbs in this tonic will help soothe most tummy complaints. I first made it for my many clients with food intolerance, IBS and bloating to their extreme relief.

Usually within 30 minutes, any stomach pains or bloating will subside. It often works faster than this and gives such relief that we keep it on hand in our house for all tummy complaints.

The beautiful ingredients of this tonic include Chamomile, which soothes and heals the stomach, while fennel and chen pi will mobilise any stagnate food from sitting heavy in the gut, moving it through. 

Chen Pi is the citrus peel of mandarin and has been used traditionally for digestive discomfort, indigestion, bloating, flatulence and nausea.

Fennel was used by ancient Romans for over 22 different ailments. It was used in ‘gripe water’ for infants with colic so is perfect for an upset tummy in us big kids as well.

This mix is perfect for accidental ingestion from food intolerances and any IBS symptoms.

You can order Tummy Tonic here and keep it at home to use whenever tummy troubles occur.

I gave it to my 7-year-old niece recently as she had been nauseas and unwell all day and within an hour she was feeling well, had no pains or nausea and was fine to go to school the next day!