Composting Is FUN!

Composting is one of the most fun and rewarding things I have done around the house in a while. I know you’re thinking I must have a pretty boring old little life, but composting really gets me excited. Plus, domesticity is bliss, right?

Yes, it’s an extremely satisfying and rewarding way to help the environment but in all honesty, I love to compost because it significantly reduces the amount of rubbish I have to carry out. So, really, it’s a selfish act in the end.

You would be surprised at the things that one can compost in the right composter. I treated myself to an Urban Composter and then when I couldn’t rotate it quick enough I got a second. Now I can be adding to one and letting the other work its magic for a fortnight before I bury it. With this particular compost, I can put all organic waste in, except large bones.

Before you think of any excuses not to compost let me tell you this. I live in an apartment on the fourth floor. I have a very small balcony and a few little plants. You can get yourself a small bucket sized compost and find somewhere else to bury it like me. (Thanks Dad.) And, if you do your research you can compost it in a way that reduces the odour and fastens the break down. 

I love this list of things to compost from How Stuff Works. Our compost gets toilet paper rolls and the packaging (from Who Gives a Crap), paper towel, tissues, all food waste, tea and coffee bags and grinds, small light bones such as chicken, hair from my brush, compostable bags I keep dirty nappies in while we are out and so much more! 

It really is surprising how much less garbage we have and also just how much we all now love to find more things around the house that we can compost!

Want to create your own compost system at home? Check out the bokashi composting method in this helpful article from Epic Gardening here.