When it comes to natural deodorants many people give up after their third of fourth try. They can be expensive and often don’t work. It is important to remember that because natural deo’s do not have aluminium in them (the whole reason we try to swap over), they do not stop sweating. They stop bugs from hanging around and causing smell but do not block the pores. 

So, prepare for some wet days at first. This lessens with time as your body adjusts to the change. There will often be a clean out of sorts if you have been using aluminium based deodorants as these would have been blocking the excretions and causing a build-up. You may smell different than usual when you first begin as well, as natural deo’s allow the body to release toxins.

All of this combined with many natural deodorants that don’t work can make finding something that suits you very hard! So, after 6 years in health food I have tried most of what’s on the market and here are my recommendations for awesome natural deodorants that work.

Twig Botanicals

A beautiful deo paste, yes paste, made by a fellow Herbalist. It may sound odd to recommend you spread a paste in your pits but this really is one of the best I have used. Not only does it work when you wear it but you end up not even needing to apply everyday as it just keeps working. Great for summer as it stays on as well. 

Body Crystal

This is an oldie but a goodie and if the paste scares you, this roll on is for you. Rather than getting an actual crystal stick which can be difficult to use, scratch your pits and break easily, this roll-on version makes it easy to apply and travel with. 

Eco Tan

A paste, a roll on and here is your spray for those who prefer it. A beautiful coconut smell, perfect for summer.