You Need A Break.

Sometimes you just need to get away! Have a break. Take some time out.

This is what Sam and I did for ourselves a few months ago, with a simple two day trip to Mudgee. That’s all you need (obviously more if you can). Recharge and refuel, and then come back and to a more productive, happier, less stressed you.

It’s interesting how sometimes we need to stop and step away to really take stock of what is happening around us. You would think that being in the thick of it each and every day would keep you alert and up to date. That you would know what is going on and how you feel about it all. But this isn’t the case for most of us.

When we are running from today to tomorrow and to the next day there is no time to stop, and take stock and reflect on what we are actually doing in these moments. We are literally on auto-pilot and what happens when we are zooming through life is that we miss the good stuff.

Life is busy and it does fly by, there will be days when you just need to put you head down and get through it, but the next day you should be tired and worn out and happy.

Instead, we put our head down for a year, or two, or more and when we come up for that one day of rest, recovery and reflection we have missed chunks of our life. Or of our children’s life, or family and friends. 

I put my head down prior to our trip away in preparation for some of the final big things that I needed to do before Callie was born and I could not have been more grateful for a weekend away with the most amazing husband I could dream of.

But it also reminded me that I need to stay more mindful and aware each day and that I had lost a little of the things I do to achieve in the busy months that had been.

Spending time on you is not selfish, it is necessary for you to maintain your joy in life and balance for those you love.

It is not even something you need to spend loads of time on. It can be as simple as a bath a few nights a week and 15 minutes with a cup of tea on the other days. Maybe you like to read? Don’t tell me you don’t have time for a single page each night or to tune in to your favourite podcast (The Naked Naturopath?).

I have brought my daily mindful practice back with me from Mudgee and I hope this helps you find yours too!