DETOX For Life

A detox should not be a quick weight loss fix, but a method to prepare the ground (your body) for long term harvest. A comprehensive detoxification program should be a means to achieve your goals, yes.

But, also and most importantly, to set up long term sustainable lifestyle changes to achieve fundamental improvements in your health. Now and in the future. Our body will give us back what we put in.

So, what are you putting in yours? 

Toxicity is unavoidable in today’s modern society. When we walk outside we are exposed via our lungs, skin, and digestive system. We have a residual burden of 2 to 3 thousand new-to-nature chemicals which are invented and released into the environment every year. These are in our air, food, water and soil. 

There are exotoxins (outside factors) which impact on toxicity include alcohol, nicotine, car fumes, industrial waste, pesticides, herbicides, food additives including colourings and flavourings, pharmaceuticals, recreational drugs, solvents and heavy metals. There are also endogenous toxins. These are by-products from metabolism and impaired digestion. Toxins from within emphasise the importance of a healthy gut flora as many toxic metabolites and by products are the result of dysbiosis. The imbalance of good and bad bacteria in your gut. When foods are not digested properly they become fuel for harmful or pathogenic bacteria and yeasts. As the bad guys grow and reproduce the good guys get pushed out of the way and die off. The terms dysbiosis and leaky gut have been related to diseases as varied as depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, autism and autoimmunity. 

So where do we start?

The first and easiest thing that we can do is reduce the burden on our body. We do this by reducing as much of our toxic load as possible through healthy diet and lifestyle choices. This is where diet comes in. As well daily choices about what you put in your hair and on your skin, even what you brush your teeth with. Perfumes, makeup, deodorants are often toxic and there are natural alternatives. Women can layer themselves with over 22 different chemicals before leaving the house each morning. 

The second is to enhance the body’s natural detoxification capacity. This can be done by cleaning up gut function and reducing the production of internal toxins. We can also improve the function of the liver and kidney excretory channels with herbal medicine.

It is important to keep in mind that certain medications will slow the detoxphases in the liver such as Advil, asprin and Non steroidal anti-inflammatories. As well certain deficiencies will also have an impact such as selenium and zinc deficiencies as well as glutathionone and a low protein diet, which is why there needs to be ample protein in your diet. 

Specific herbs can support the body’s resistance to toxins by stimulating your body’s natural detoxification abilities. These herbs will lay the stepping stones for maximum toxin processing and elimination. They will assist the cells to protect themselves against toxins and inflammation and function at their peak. St Mary’s Thistle can even assist the liver to regenerate after damage and it is in your herbal tonic along with cleaners for your kidneys, lymphatics and your skin. 

If you have specific health goals, weight loss goals, are wanting to reduce your need for pharmaceutical medications, or prevent chronic illness a detox regime is the perfect place to start. Nothing is more precious or priceless than your body and your health.