Why Eat Breakfast?

I have heard all the excuses, trust me. You don't have time. You don't feel hungry. You don't know what to eat...I get it! Breakfast can be tricky.

BUT it's essential to get your breakkie sorted if you want to be healthy.

Compared tot heir non-breakfast eating counterparts, breakfast eaters are more likely to be:

  • Of a more normal weight range.

  • Able to maintain a more stable weight.

  • Be able to meet their daily nutritional requirements, such as their carbohydrate, fibre, vitamin and mineral requirements. Science has proven that the nutrients missed with breakfast are not replaced later in the day.

  • More alert, and having increased levels of concentration, memory and intellectual performance throughout the day.

  • Are less likely to unhealthy snacks throughout the day, avoiding extra calories and potential weight gain.

  • In a better mood, as non-breakfast eaters are often tired and irritable in the mornings.

Have I convinced you yet?

But just hold up a minute because not just any breakfast will do! Gone are the days where basic cereal or toast are classified as a healthy, whole breakfast. We have evolved, and thank goodness.

There are bountiful healthy options to have for your first meal of the day and many of them take five minutes or less to prepare and can be consumed on the way to work or school (win).

A little bit of preparation goes a long way.

A healthy breakfast takes a little forward planning, so here are some easy tips to get your body, mind and pantry ready for the most important meal of the day:

  1. Don’t eat late at night. The general rule of thumb is to not eat at least 3-4 hour before retiring, drinking lots of water and herbal teas in between. Late eating doesn’t give your body the chance to digest properly, leaving you with indigestion and a lack of appetite for breakfast in the morning.

  2. Keep a good supply of healthy breakkie ingredients, like fresh fruit, nuts, eggs and sourdough bread (or clean GF alternative)

  3. Prepare half a dozen boiled eggs at the beginning of the week and store them back in your fridge. Another option is to have some avocados, seeds and olive oil for a quick, healthy avo smash.

  4. Stock up on food at work. More often than not, there is a 5-10 minute window after arriving at work where we can make ourselves a cup of tea whilst munching down a healthy breakkie.

  5. You could cook up the muffins (pictured) with spinach, sweet potatoes and cheese (from my latest cookbook) on a Sunday and eat all week or make a smoothie or chia pudding the night before and store in the fridge (heaps of recipes in my latest book).

Breakfast doesn't have to be boring! Make it fun, make it easy and make it an unmissable part of your day!