Spring Wellness

It’s well and truly here (at least where we live in Australia), Spring has arrived! Bring on longer days, brighter nights and more opportunities to get outside.

I understand why so many people choose this time of year to do a detox or fast or change their habits. You come out of Winter feeling a bit, well, heavy. Some poor habits may have snuck in and you’re ready to feel light and free again!

If a detox is calling you, I invite you to check out ours - It’s fun, easy to follow and in the two weeks you are on it, you’ll learn some amazing knowledge you can use for a lifetime. You can find that here - mgherbs.com/2-week-detox

If you’re simply wanting some Spring inspiration, then here are five simple things to revisit coming into the warmer months:

1.Hydration is Key

Water is essential for life, every system in the body requires water to function optimally. For example water is required for hydration, moving toxins, carrying nutrients and feeling full.

On the outside, it’s terrific for washing away dead skin cells. Everyone’s water requirement is different and depends on factors such as your health, fitness level, activity, genetics and environment. Have a chat to Mel at your next consult to find out what’s best for you!

2. Sunshine for Vitamin D

Coming into spring, our days are getting longer which means we can all find more time to get outdoors more. It is important to get enough sun to help our body produce a hormone we often call vitamin D. We know have an understanding of how vitamin D can relate to our immune system, nutritional absorption, sleep, bone health and energy, so get out there and soak it up (safely).

3. Sleep, Sleep, Sleep

With plenty of light about, sleep can be just as crucial. Sensors in our eyes can recognise how light or dark it is and let the brain know. When it becomes dark your brain starts to produce melatonin which brings on sleepiness.

Using lots of electronics which gives off blue light (like televisions, computers, laptops and some alarm clocks) an hour before bedtime can confuse the brain and result in poorer sleep. Just like a morning routine is necessary to prepare yourself for the day ahead, it is just as important for a regular night routine to prepare for the sleep ahead.

Getting plenty of sleep can help your body to repair and regenerate itself. Use an eye mask if you need or even add a blackout curtain to yours (and your kids rooms) if light is a problem getting to sleep.

4. Reduce Stress

Just like rubbish, long term unregulated stress can wreak havoc on the body. Great stress relieving techniques include breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, talking and exercising.

Especially after a big year, this can be a low level issue, running along in the background causing you grief without even realising it! Come and see me if this is you right now, there are some beautiful herbs that can help you through to the end of the year.

5. Eat Whole Foods

Whole natural foods have cleverly given us all the benefits that we need to function optimally. The benefits of whole foods ensures we consume the right amount of vitamins, minerals, fibre, antioxidants and phytochemicals. Eating foods whole, allows the nutrients to work synergistically enabling nutrients to be more bioavailable and protect the body.

Spring time enables us to enjoy berries, pineapple, papaya, banana, avocado, melons, lettuce, artichokes, spinach and asparagus! Grab a copy of my latest cookbook for some spring cooking inspo.

Happy Spring Everyone!