All About Ferments & Pickling - Part Three

Go back and read part two of this blog series if you haven’t yet!

Fermenting food is like pre-digesting it for our gut. When we eat it, it is super easy to breakdown and our tummy has less work to do. This increases the bio-availability of the nutrients in the food and allows us to better absorb all of the vitamins and minerals.

In the first blog of this series, I shared my favourite ferments and why they are so good for you and in the previous one, you’ll find more of my favourite ferments!

You can find more information about these and how to make them in my latest book, From Peasants Food To Superfoods.

Here are the rest of my favourite ferments and why you should consider them too!

  • Pickled Jalapenos

Pickling is the easiest way to store vegetables and fruit for the future and it really is so easy. Before fridges were invented, everything was pickled, fermented or cured for preservation and longevity. These methods of food preparation also have the added benefit of preserving nutrients and in the case of fermenting, increasing the health benefits of the food.

You can really pickle anything! Vegetables, fruits or meats. We grab these jalapenos for anything from our Mexican feasts to a simple toasted sandwich for lunch. They live on our kitchen bench and get better with time. Try pickling ginger as well for added flavour to any meal.

  • Pickled Carrots  

Bright coloured fruit and veg are loaded with antioxidants and healing nutrients that protect us from cancer and heart disease. Carrots in particular are the king of nutrition when it comes to root vegetables. They are packed with fibre, vitamin C and E and beta carotene. They help protect us against stroke, some cancers, lung disease and help protect our sight.

  • Pickled Red Onion

Having onion raw is like having a supplement each day which may assist in protecting you from a range of bugs. Onion is anti-microbial and can help block carcinogens. They contain antioxidants that assist with nasal congestion so are perfect for a stuffy nose. Eating them pickled increases these compounds and also makes them more palatable in their raw form. I am obsessed with adding pickled onion to my eggs in the morning.

It is always nice to have a fermenting friend or a culture comrade, especially when you begin the process. Preparing food in this way is foreign to most of us as Aussies and to the Western word in general. For cold countries, it is much more common and historically a method of survival. Why not get together with friends and ferment? Or get the kids involved?!

Stay tuned to our socials for a ferment workshop announcement and grab your copy of our newest book to start fermenting today!