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Written by qualified Nutritionist and Naturopath Melissa Gearing, From Peasants Food to Superfoods features over 100 recipes using old and new ingredients. Based on cooking for the entire family, this book guides cooks from all experiences on how to integrate healthy foods into everyday life. Using ingredients we all take for granted in the kitchen this book aims to educate people of the benefits of the food we eat and how we can use food as medicine as well as filling our tummies.

Melissa welcomes readers with an open and honest manner, telling her own story and the similar story of many clients she has seen in her private practice over the years-her inspiration for writing the book. She complements her recipes with nutritional information, personal experiences and recommendations throughout, including the reasoning for including certain ingredients and how we can nutritionally enhance even the simplest home-cooked dishes.

From Peasants Food to Superfoods explains the simplicity of food and removes much of the confusion and fear around healthy eating. Melissa takes traditional home recipes and transforms them into nutritionally dense super-meals. She uses culinary history to shape her book and educate her readers of food origins and why we ate particular foods and should continue to do so.

Rather than produce overwhelming recipes that need expensive and exclusive ingredients commonly associated with health and super foods, Melissa shows readers how they can use many of the everyday ingredients they have at home, and how to add to the pantry so this becomes the norm. Her recipes use many of the same base ingredients to make them easy for people to create without having to shop every time.

Melissa’s recipes are fresh, of our time and take into account modern tastes and trends such as fermentation and pickling as well as the use of pressure and slow cookers. She addresses common concerns of the clients she sees as well as the general public with regards to diet, health, lifestyle balance, time constraints, seasonality and cooking techniques.

For first time cooks this book offers simple, delicious and nutritionally balanced meals to whip up on a weeknight for the whole family. For the seasoned foodie, it provides over 100 innovative recipes that will excite and delight!

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