The Wellness Trends For 2019 #2

If you missed part one, catch up here !

In the last blog we explored four of the hottest wellness trends for this year, along with our feedback about these. As usual, if considering any of these, please seek the advice of myself or your health practitioner.

4. Hemp on the horizon

Hemp can be used to make several food products, such as hemp seeds and hemp seed oil. Users say they like the substance’s anti-inflammatory effects.

As research increases of this superfood, so will our ability to get our hands on hemp-based products, especially ones that can make us healthier.

There are some great hemp protein powders on the market which are really clean and pack a great punch. i am glad that these products are now readily available in Australia and have read nothing but good things.

5. Bring in the bitters

Bitter foods such as asparagus, cucumbers, grapefruit, and cacao will be more popular in diets in the coming year, according to

Bitters help detox your GI tract and love your liver. They can clean out toxic, sluggish bile, which aids digestion and can optimise thyroid function.

I’m all about cacao - It has so many other amazing properties including being a rich source of magnesium. Asparagus can be hard to tolerate for some people and as for cucumbers and grapefruit, well everything in moderation I always say! Enjoy a wide range of wholefoods and you can’t go wrong.

6. Un-dieting

Nutrition trends are one thing, but specific diets are quite another.

Bets are on that intuitive eating replaces diets all together.

With between 80 and 95 percent of diets failing in the long-term and often being harmful to our bodies, I am all for this trend!

Intuitive eating isn’t a trend and it is what I teach my clients in clinic and in my detox program.

This eating practice is not for weight loss, but instead is intended to boost an individual’s awareness and experience of eating.

What weird and wonderful wellness trends have you seen for 2019?