Super Food Series - Introduction

All real foods are super foods.

The key word here is real. Real, whole foods are medicine and they all possess innate abilities to serve our bodies and communicate with our cells in their own unique way. There have been many foods in the last few years that have been touted as ‘superfoods’ and it has become a word associated with expensive, hard to pronounce and alternative health foods.

However, we have always known that oats give us energy and beetroot makes us poop. We may just not have know exactly why, and we didn’t think of them as super- they are just everyday foods that we eat to help keep us full and make us feel like we can face the day.

There is a huge difference between margarine and butter. One is a real food, and one has been dreamed up in a lab and has a nice yellow colour added in the end to make it resemble its counterpart.

Over the next few weeks I am going to preview some of the amazing superfoods that are used in my upcoming book, and some extras to get you started. One of my aims in writing recipes is to ensure that you can whip something up at home out of everyday ingredients. Do not underrate the power of your meat and veg combinations. However, there are some extra little things that can make it easier for you to get more nutrients and they become especially important if you are unwell or trying to achieve a health goal.

If you have any kind of gut complaint, from a leaky gut to food allergies & intolerances, it can be as simple as adding some good quality gelatin to your pantry. Once you are comfortable with using this you may like to try some hemp seeds in a smoothie. Whatever you do, don’t feel like you have to have a health food shop at home. Just start with a few little things, allow them to become the norm (if you like them), and add to your journey as you go.

If you don’t like it there is no need to force it down or upon the kids. As you can see there are many different super foods and those I preview here are only some of hundreds of others. Many of the properties also overlap so get through the bag or give it away if you do not like it and try something different next time.

Our next blog will start to introduce you to some of our favourite superfoods, how they work and what they can be used in. Don't miss it!