1. Broth in your smoothie? Don't knock it until you try it!

Add some cold gelatinous bone broth to a banana smoothie for one of the best breakfast options my heart could desire.

2. Try an omelette in broth.

Callie and I have been loving this lately and it is so easy to do. Simply cook eggs (I like an omelette) as you usually would and heat up some broth to go over the top. It kind of looks like an egg in soup. I then add loads of pink salt, fresh cut herbs, pepper and a good few splashes of Tabasco or some Kim chi to top it off. 

3. Make hearty miso.

Using good quality unpasteurised miso paste and dried seaweed this is a stunner on a cold winter afternoon to beat that 3pm sweet tooth. 

4. Use it for warming risotto.

Way better than water this will make your risotto not only extra tasty but super charged with nutrition to keep you full longer an stabilise blood sugar levels, avoiding the need for an after dinner snack.

5. Ramen or soba in broth.

The hard part is done if you already have broth made, just add noodles! Top with a boiled egg and fresh kim chi.

6. Add broth to all slow cooked, pressure cooked, oven baked or even pan fried food.

Put a cup into your spaghetti mince, use it instead of wine or water in the slow cooker and add potato or veggie bakes in the oven. 

7. You can also make some really simple tasty soups at home which will do lunches for a few days, save you loads of money on meals and will warm the soul.

Simply bake pumpkin, onion and garlic in the oven and then blitz it all up with a few cups of broth. Or, add flavour and nutrition to your pea and ham soup this winter with broth instead of water. 

8. Make vegetarian, not so.

Use broth to cook fresh veg like zucchini, Brussel sprouts and cauliflower in a fry pan. Simply fry veg in some olive oil until it has a little colour and then add a cup of broth until it is just soft. Yum!

9. Enjoy a brotthee instead of coffee on cold winter mornings.