Natural First Aid Kit

Natural First Aid Kit


NINE NATURAL FAMILY HEALTHY HOME ESSENTIALS plus a handy little booklet and storage box, all together valued at $345 for just $285.

The kit contains:

1. Arnica Cream 100g

2. Calendula Cream 100g

3. Tummy Tonic 100ml

4. Cold and flu fix 100ml

5. Pain & Inflammation Tonic 100ml

6. Sleep Tonic 100ml

7. Hayfever & Allergy Tonic 100ml

8. Rescue Remedy 50ml

9. Rescue Sleep Remedy 50ml

You can also make any extra additions to individualise your kit to suit you and your family's lifestyle with a 10% discount.

Please select these by adding the NATURAL FIRST AID KIT ADD ONS option from the storefront.


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