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About MG Herbs

MG Herbs is a collection of hand-picked practitioners with like minded health philosophies. The MGHerbs crew includes herbalists, naturopaths and nutritionists working together to give you the best possible health outcomes.

However, MGHerbs also includes health professionals outside of naturopathy. Mel's husband, Sam, an Exercise Physiologist and coach, plays a large part in MG Herbs ensuring that safe and holistic advice can be given which...


About Melissa Gearing

Mel is a qualified Clinical Herbalist and Iridologist practicing in Newcastle, NSW as well as offering online appointments. She is currently completing a Bachelor of Health Science in Complimentary Medicine which will qualify her as a Naturopath.

She is passionate about prescribing herbal medicine as a tool in fighting illness and imbalance within the body. Mel aims to fuse traditional herbal medicine with current research and evidence. She believes in...