Can I take pharmaceutical/prescription medication in conjunction with herbs? 

Absolutely. Mel will always ensure that any herbs prescribed are safe to take with your medications. In fact, over half of Mel’s clients surveys use pharmaceutical intervention with their herbs. Herbs can assist medication to work at its best, maintain a low dose and negate side effects. 


Can I drink alcohol when on herbal medication?

Of course, everything in moderation. 


How do I take my herbs?  i.e with or without food /water?

Your herbal tonic will have individual instructions which Mel will go through with you in each appointment. Some are taken before food, some after. All herbs are taken in a small measuring cup provided with a little water.


How long do I have to take herbs for?

This is such an individual question as it really depends on the reason for taking herbs. For example, herbs can clear up a cold or flu in just a few days however if you have recurrent or chronic sinus infections you may need to take them longer, and possible look at taking herbs as a preventative as well. Some clients take herbs all year round, others just when they need them for different things. It is really up to you and Mel will work one on one with each individual to determine what is suitable. 


Do I need a referral to see my naturopath?

No. You can come anytime for any health needs. Mel is more than happy to work with your doctor or refer you to one if needed.


Do you have use nutritional intervention? 

Absolutely. Wherever possible Mel will use food as medicine and work with the diet to ensure you are getting the most out of what you are eating.


If the herbs are not working for me what do I do? Ie I don't feel any different/ better or I feel worse?

Call Mel, email or come in for a chat. There are many different herbs and sometimes it takes some trial and error to find what is going to work best for you. There may also be an issue with dose that needs to be addressed. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any concerns.


Can I drive or exercise directly after taking the herbs? 

Absolutely. Herbs integrate into your daily life and you do not need to change your lifestyle to suit them, they will assist you to live the life you want.


Do you have a minimum time period for herbal subscriptions?

Not at all. The herbal subscription is to make both the clients and Mel’s life easier by providing a little more organisation and ease of delivery. It is opt out anytime, no minimum stay or contacts. Just do it as long as it suits you!


     How much do your consults and herbs cost?

Please find this information here


     How often do I need to re-book for face to face consults?

Once you have a script you are happy with you can order repeats on this herb mix and pick them up at the front desk without an appointment. You are required to have a follow upafter every 3-4 repeats of your herbs. This is to ensure that they are still working for you and are safe to continue long term. It also allows us to update them if your goals haveshifted.


     Can I have a distance/Skype appointment?

Absolutely. Appointments are the same format and pricing face to face or via Skype, phone or FaceTime. Just be sure to let us know when you make your booking how you would like it conducted.