Hormones & Sleep –  The Forgotten Two 

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Hormones and sleep...Why are they so important for weight-loss, fitness training and overall holistic health? 

Spoiler Alert! The answer...VERY IMPORTANT! Hormones and sleep determine your wellbeing in every sense. From fat loss to muscular recovery, sleep is ESSENTIAL. Hormones and sleep can greatly affect your health, fitness training/recovery and weight loss. 

When planning your exercise regime and perhaps considering weight loss programs, a good night’s sleep will generally be an afterthought. If you’re serious about your health and fitness goals though, sleep should be at the top of the priority list. 

It is common knowledge that sleep is good for mental health, but why is it so important for the body? 

Sleep is incredibly important for vital hormone release and vice versa and continuous lack of sleep can be a factor in many lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, obesity and mental health issues. This is due to excessive stressors placed on the body due to hormonal imbalance. Studies show that hormonal imbalance leads to circadian rhythm disruption, which over a period of time can create many lifestyle disease states.   

Eating well and exercising in daylight hours promotes sleep, so to stop adrenal overload, avoiding cortisol inducing activities and foods before bed is essential. A quality night of sleep will optimise hormone release and reinforce your circadian rhythm. 

Working out at moderate to high intensity daily in day light hours promotes hormones such as testosterone and growth hormones when sleeping. This means you will sleep well again, night after night, which will in turn assist in muscular recovery, health and wellness goals. 

Want to know more about your adaptive hormones? 

Leptin and Grehlin: Appetite is controlled by the release of these two hormones.  With appropriate sleep and rest these two hormones can work in harmony. 

Cortisol: The hormone that tells our body HELLO WORLD! Wake up, Get up, Eat, Work & Play. 

Prolactic and Growth Hormone: Two hormones that are integral for training adaptions and recovery 

Melatonin:  Melatonin is a hormone which is secreted by the pineal gland at night time. It assists in healthy sleep patterns.  

Take home message: If your body has a good sleep pattern, your hormones will work effectively and vice versa. So remember work(out) hard and rest hard! 

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