INTRODUCING...My Brand New Book!

I never planned to write a cookbook. I had been helping clients in clinic with their diets and providing meal plans, recipes and ideas that they could work the whole family into for a host of different goals from weight gain to weight loss. The feedback was always positive and made my heart swell.

For some reason, as human beings we think we need to be hurting for something to work, to attack everything at an all or nothing pace-and this goes for diet and nutrition as well. When I suggested a balanced, moderated, real food approach I was often worried I was boring people, that they would think my advice was too simple. But, as more and more clients flowed through the doors, sent by the previous client who told them about the meal plan I wrote for them, I realised that simple was really what these guys needed. Not only needed, but liked, enjoyed and continued long term.

There is so much conflicting advice on nutrition, what to eat and what not to eat, and we have come to a place where anyone can give food advice from t.v breakfast hosts to the old lady down the street. It is confusing and I noticed a sense of fear when I asked people to recount their daily food intake. Thinking that my clients felt judged, even by me, about what they were eating gave me a great sadness and reinforced the ridiculous state we are in when it comes to food. It made me start doing talks on banishing fad diets and avoiding extreme restrictions. It made me reach out to my clients on what they really wanted and what was really working at home. 

At some point my recipes became so popular the suggestion of a cookbook became a weekly comment from clients and friends. SO, being the good Virgo girl that I am, I set about getting it done. It took well over a year to write my first book. It was only 70-odd pages and took almost as long to edit, eventually a third version was released which (I hope) has no typos! I thought, sure I’ll write a cookbook, it can’t be that hard, right? Ha, not only was it difficult, frustrating, all consuming, time-eating and expensive-it was also small and cost a fortune to get printed! But, there was so much support and love that to date I have sold over 300 copies. What else was there to do but to set about writing a second! ☺

Now, I want to bring these recipes to more people. So, I have joined the 2 books together and added 50 new recipes as well as loads of extra info including a 2-week weight loss meal plan which has been the most popular and successful meal plan I have written to date. AND, I am pre-selling it, starting at only $20 for both a hard copy and ebook version. The more pre-orders that this book gets the more publishers will be interested in finalising and printing it and my greatest hope is to have it in BIGW nest to Pete Evans!

If you have my first 2 books, then I know I am asking a lot, but the extra info and 50 recipes alone make this book worth the $20 investment plus I’ll love ya forever! There are also loads of extra bonuses if you want to give a little extra support-would you like to have your name in the book??? It is only for pre-sale for 30 days. That’s it, after which-finito!

I want to bring joy back to food. I want it to be nutritious, enjoyable and above all easy. I want everyone in the family to enjoy it and I don’t want people to be restricted unless absolutely needed for health reasons. I want to get this book into more hands to remove some of the confusion and fear around food. I do need your help to do all of this – please and thank you from my big foodie heart.