Milk Myths

Over the years, I have done a few blogs on milk - From pasteurisation to how much pus (yes, PUS) is actually allowed into the milk we drink, due to the constant pumping on teats which causes infections in the poor overworked Mumma cows.

This time, I thought I would focus on a few common misconceptions about dairy that have been floating around lately. 

Number 1. Best to get the controversy out of the way first

Unfortunately, milk is not the best source of calcium!

Something as simple as chia seeds provides up to 7 times more calcium than dairy products alone. This common misconception has been purposefully orchestrated by the dairy industry to sell lots of milk and cheese. 

I don’t really care if you drink milk or not, but this becomes an issue when people who are dairy or lactose intolerant continue to drink milk for its perceived calcium benefits. This does damage to the gut and actually impedes absorption of nutrients - Meaning that any calcium in the milk will not be absorbed or utilised anyway!

Number 2. Let’s talk lactose free

Many of my clients come in knowing what foods affect them badly. For most this is the common culprits of wheat or dairy.

However, many people swap over to lactose free products thinking that these are in fact also dairy free. Lactose free dairy products are just this - lactose free. They still contain dairy.

In fact, they are just milk with added lactase, which is the enzyme missing from those who cannot digest lactose. Often, people also grab the tetra packed lactose free products, as fresh lactose free has been hard to come by in the past.

This further reduces the nutrients in the product as it has been heated to such high temperature.

Number 3. My biggest advice

Fat free dairy is just not the same.

Be it skim, light, % fat free, easily digesteable or fortified.

There is nothing that beats good old fashioned full fat milk if you can enjoy it. When we remove the fat the milk must go through another process, plus it is no longer a ‘whole’ food.

Milk is meant to have fat, it hold nutrients such as the ever sought after vitamin D plus it keeps us full and satiated for longer, helps us shed excess weight and gives a beautifully balanced food.

This is especially important for the little ones so grab a full fat, good quality milk for them. 

Number 4. My opinion

Don’t buy supermarket or no name brands. Pay the little extra and get a good quality milk that supports small local farmers.

Trust me, it will taste better and you will be looking after those Mumma cows in your own little way.



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