How To Be Healthy For Less

It's probably the most common reason I hear why people can't be healthy...

"It's too expensive!" as well as "It's too hard!".

I totally get it. Living a healthy lifestyle can come at a higher cost than not. But the way I see it, it's an investment. 

Think about living a healthy life like paying for your health insurance. It's a preventative measure for your health and it can even save your life. The amount of money you won't have to spend later on in life for having better health will pay off!

My goal is to try and encourage as many people as possible to change their lives for the better. I understand to do that, I need to help people understand that living well doesn't have to be hard.

Let's start by changing the way we eat. Good health starts with excellent nutrition. Nourishing the body to feed the cells to maximise your health and wellbeing. It makes sense!

But people look at healthy eating and believe they can't afford it. Maybe it's an excuse? Or maybe it's partly true. Sure, my family spends more money on good quality food than most other things, but being well is our priority. Plus we love food!

You can't compare the cost of eating a salad with some good quality protein to eating a white bread sausage sandwich. What you can compare though is how good your body feels after it!

Here are five ways you can start to eat healthy, without breaking the budget.


Sure, we all know that if we do one grocery shop per week instead of five little ones that we'll spend less. Do we actually follow through on this though?

It's best to have a plan. Make meal planning fun, involve the whole family and make room for flexibility.

From your meal planner, write a list that covers all bases and stick to it. 


Your local supermarket may be the most convenient way to shop, but have you ever looked at other options?

Most of your meals should revolve around fresh, healthy produce (look for inspiration in my cookbooks here) and less around packaged foods. Thus, going to the supermarket doesn't have to be a necessity.

Farmers markets are a brilliant way to buy bulk produce, often for cheaper than the supermarkets, much better quality and less packaging. Plus you get to buy what is in season, which works out more affordable.

If you don't have access to them, Woolies now has "Odd Bins", produce that isn't perfect for a much cheaper price. Harris Farm has the same thing. And Aldi often has some cheap produce buys.


The moment I discovered these, was an exciting time!

Sure, buying in bulk costs more in the short term, but in the long term it pays off.

Here in Newcastle, you can do this with eggs (The Local Yolk), toilet paper (Who Gives A Crap) as well as wholefoods (The Healthful Pantry). 

Wholefoods bulk ordering is great for all your staples, like non-dairy milks, grains, oils and so on.

Scoop is brilliant for this as well, as you can simply buy what you need!


Broccoli stalks - eat them! Avocado seeds - blend them in smoothies! Almost dead veggies - cook them up into fritters! Overripe bananas - make banana bread, or peel and freeze for smoothies or ice cream!

There are so many ways you can get the most out of your food. 

Also, is there something you are throwing out every week? Is there a way you can make sure you use it or not buy it/buy less in future?


There is a common misconception that being healthy means buying a pantry full of fancy products, expensive alternatives and one-off ingredients.

This is often untrue and for much less, you can re-create your own versions with fewer ingredients.

Gone gluten free? You don't need to go and buy a whole host of gluten free products. See what you can make yourself. See what you can eliminate. Same goes with going dairy free. Or any other elimination diet!

You'll find that many wholefood, healthy recipes use the same base herbs and spices, so invest in these in bulk. If there is something you don't have, use good old Google to search "alternative to ..". If it's only a small amount, maybe you don't even need it! 

Experiment and have fun with it.

I would love to hear your best healthy eating on a budget tips!

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