Get More Eco Conscious #2

It’s time to do our bit!

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Here are our last few eco conscious tips to implement this week, for the health of yourselves and for the environment:

7. Eat less meat

Meat has a big impact on the environment, with a study led by Gidon Eshel of Bard College suggesting it has a bigger impact on our carbon footprint than cars. Not everyone wants to go fully vegetarian, but try participating in a meatless day a week. We are trying this currently in our household! Stay tuned for more on that.

8. Buy items secondhand

Not only will it save you money, but it also prolongs the life of a perfectly usable item that may have otherwise gone to the landfill.

9. Compost

Invest in your own backyard compost or see if your city has a compost program — many are cheap or even free to join, and it turns food waste back into useable energy.

Love this, we do it at home and I have done both a podcast and a blog on this previously too. We have a kitchen composter that we fit in our apartment, so no excuses! There are some great initiatives in certain councils too for composting now, as well as neighbourhood composting for those that can’t do it through their council.

10. Streamline your mailbox

Ask to be removed from junk mail databases and switch your bills and bank statements to paperless. If you’re a big online shopper, try to order in one purchase to cut down on the number of boxes you receive.

11. Reduce your paper towel consumption and say no to straws

Try having a stack of dishtowels on hand for drying hands while cooking or washing up, and consider cloth napkins at dinnertime.

Straws are also a no-go. If you like them, grab a metal or bamboo one for Scoop, or most health food stores and carry it with you. Same goes with plastic spoons, if you like your ice cream or acai bowls, carry a spoon with you and say no to cutlery you don’t need!

Hit us with your eco conscious tips and let’s make the world a little more green together!