My No BS Baby Tips

Looking back on the last twelve months has been an insightful meditation. Hindsight is always an amazing opportunity to learn. In those moments when I had no idea what I was doing raising my first child, there was some intuition that guided me but there was also advice and help from loved ones.

There are a few things that just worked when Callie was little. It’s so hard in the hubbub of advice to know what is right so it’s just worth having options, trying them, and deciding what works best for you and your child.

Here is what worked for me, I hope it helps you!

  1. Rubbing her back to burp her. This worked so well for us. After weeks of tapping and patting, some soft circular rubbing brought air up easily and soothed her at the same time.

  2. Softly bouncing on a medicine ball. She has always liked movement, even when not going to sleep. The ball gave me a seat to rest while still allowing me to move with her. 

  3. Bathing. Water always soothes me when I am in pain or stressed and it certainly has the same effect on Callie. Enjoying a relaxing bath either on her own or with one of us calms and relaxes our daughter and we relish this time for connection.

  4. Homeopathic medicine. It is so helpful to have options for remedies. Homeopathics were calming to both Callie and I when she needed them. It gave me something to do, to help, to give. It gave Callie medicine to help treat her complaints. 

  5. Paracetamol when things got real. I am so sick of people saying that pharmaceuticals are the devil. I am a Naturopath and I do not believe this. Drugs and herbs, homeopathics and food are all forms of medicine and when used appropriately are heaven sent. You may never need it but paracetamol has taken away Callie’s pain, fever and extreme distress when she has needed it.

  6. Don’t believe everything you hear, read or are told! For some reason everyone has an opinion when it comes to YOUR baby. Do what it right for you and Bub, follow your intuition and get professional advice where needed. 

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