Why I Am Releasing A New Book.

I should start by saying I am no chef!

My new book, From Peasants Food To Super Foods has come about through my own journey with food intolerances and the need to share this information with my clients, who were experiencing similar things.

It started to grow and expand when I realised that there was a gigantic gap in what people thought was healthy and what actually IS healthy, what we are being told for financial gain and what is the truth for our best health.

One of the biggest obstacles that people face when trying to change their diet is the onslaught of opinions about good and bad food. I believe there is no ‘good’ nor ‘bad’ food. Sure, there are some imposters on our supermarkets shelves pretending to be food, but when you stick to whole real food there are no enemies. The key to a balanced diet is moderation, not avoidance or restriction and simply eating the real, seasonal food that nature has gifted us.

I do not have time for strict fad diets, extremism or dogmatism. What I want to share is everyday food, to educate people that life is not all or nothing, it is a constant balance. An effort and a choice to maintain equilibrium...That means eating cake at the party sometimes and enjoying a drink too!

I come from a genuine place when I give advice. I believe in what I tell my clients, I believe it is the best way to live a healthy life. I practice what I preach and I preach what I practice. I do not believe in giving a false sense of perfectionism. 

I want to educate people on a way to live a simple and balanced life through the food and medicine we have been surrounded by in our environment. I believe this is the key to good health, happy minds and managing chronic conditions effectively.

I hope you can use the recipes in my new book and that some may even hold a coveted space on your weekly meal planner for the family.