All Things Herbs, Pregnancy & Placenta!

There are stages of herbs for each trimester throughout pregnancy and after. I have a lady due in 3 weeks who just started a tonic for labour prep, energy, iron, nutrients and breastfeeding, plus to prepare her body for what is to come. This will be adjusted as needed throughout her first few months as a new mum.

However, the most important support, in my opinion, is in mummy metal health. No matter what your history contains, whether you have experienced anxiety, depression or no such worries, post-natal low affects most women. I believe it is unfathomable to think that such an enormous life change plus super hormonal fluctuations will leave even the most rock solid of us new mums untouched.

On the topic of eating our own placenta, I feel the jury is still out. I have so much respect for every individual decision made during this precious time by both mums and dads. For me-I did not find a convincing enough reason to do so. There was little evidence surrounding placenta ingestion and the argument that is was traditionally done in other cultures seemed not to be as common as I would have first thought. 

There is the argument that the placenta is leftovers and is no longer needed. It may also be that much of what the placenta protects baby from-our toxin load-will be passed on during breastfeeding if we ingest it. Possibly in countries where food/nutrients were low this was good option and also if Mum was bleeding a lot. However, the placenta would likely have been eaten soon after birth and in its raw state, not fried up with onions and encapsulated. 

The evidence seems mostly anecdotal as to the benefits. Mums reporting that they feel great while taking placenta capsules and I reckon if it works for you then stick with it. It is a really personal choice and totally up to you. The only thing I ask of you however, is not to rely on it solely for support post-partum. There is a serious need for refuelling that comes from great food, copious amounts of water plus nutritional and herbal support as well if you so choose. All of this will mean that you recover quicker and have a better chance of easily producing milk.