1. Celebrate the seasonal flavours

Unlike our northern hemisphere friends, an Australia Christmas falls in the midst of our summer, when a smorgasbord of fresh seasonal produce is available to all.

Instead of turning to mince pies, chocolates and fudge – which tend to be high in sugar and other additives – opt for fruit skewers, chia puddings and icy poles as the treats you turn to!

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2. Pick your indulgence

There’s no end of indulgences during the silly season, from decadent cocktail parties to a fridge full of booze, and no one should have to go without!

However, instead of indulging in everything choose what you most enjoy and give the rest a miss.

If baking is something you love, try to prevent over catering, or opt to give away most of what you make to ensure that you aren’t over-indulging throughout the holiday season.

These holidays are all about celebration, being with loved ones and taking some well-earned time off (hopefully) so allow yourself some fun, and maybe add in some enjoyable exercise alongside it.

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3. Swap your favourite dishes

Some of our favourite Christmas dishes aren’t the healthiest choices, so why not try swapping them for healthier incarnations? 

Choose chilli prawns over a classic prawn cocktail, go for a zingy pesto rather than a cheese dip, or make bliss balls instead of the usual truffles. Not only do these dishes feel indulgent, they are absolutely delicious as well.

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4. Stay hydrated

With the temperature rising, and an abundance of sugary treats on offer, it’s easy to mistake thirst for hunger, and to reach for just another truffle or piece of shortbread.

Instead, keep a jug with sliced lemon, lime and mint sprigs on the bench, or your desk, and keep it topped up with water.

This will encourage you to top up your glass throughout the day, and ensures you’re staying well hydrated.

OR have some gut healing kefir water on hand!

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