The Paleo Trend

Are you sick of hearing about a paleo diet? Or do you want to try paleo but don’t want (nor have the time) to become increasingly obsessed with every intricate detail of a caveman-like diet?

Just take a breath. This post is everyone friendly and based on a premise of common sense (as I am paleo but eat rice-lol).

So, for starters what the hell is it? Simply-Paleo, short for Paleolithic, is a caveman AND cavewoman diet. Meat, fish, poultry, eggs, veg, nuts, seeds, and some seasonal fruit. Loads of great fats (yes including that yummy bit attached to your steak and bacon!), fermented foods, spices and herbs. No grains allowed (yes this means no rice), processed foods, legumes, dairy and a general avoidance of nasty preservatives and artificially coloured life.

So at its heart, a paleo diet is a good all round healthy diet and similar to what I put into meal planners for clients with weight loss goals, training and sports goals and for general wellbeing and feeling super energetic.

Many of the arguments for and against paleo diets are ridiculous, when at its heart it is a good wholesome diet. Google the word paleo and scroll through the never ending pages of dogmatic for and against and you will get the gist. This is a great way to eat. There are fantastic recipes. And they tick many gluten free, dairy free boxes for those with allergies or intolerances.

However, I think we need to be careful not to get caught up in the drama of it all and not to become obsessive. This is not a truly scientific caveman diet- just a modern day version where whole foods from the ground up are eaten every day. It’s the perfect way to get clear of all the processed crap in our life and stick to the veg and meat essentially. 

So the answer to paleo life on earth.....and I’m begging you at this stage....make it suit you and your family. If you like a yoghurt in the morning and feel ready to tackle the day after you eat it...then have it. Feel like a bit of rice once a month and have no pre-existing reasons why you can’t eat it? Then have some. Want to be fully and strictly paleo with no if’s or buts? GO HARD! (Though don’t go all fanatical on us- this suits you and that’s great- it may not be so for all your friends and family).

I’m not sure when we reached a point where we can’t make our own decisions on what we eat, or why we feel the need to be so strict with the boxes we build around ourselves. Especially with diet, not to mention how harshly we judge each other! There is a rare time and a place for strict meal planners and diets but for the average Joe’s who just want to eat well, put beautiful foods in our body and feel amazing every day, wouldn’t sustainable changes for the long term be a more practical and happy-making choice? 

 My advice…? Life is not all or nothing, nor is diet. It is a constant search for balance. Don’t freak out-take some pressure off you and your family. Give yourself a massive pat on the back because if you’re not eating the majority of processed foods from the supermarket and you’re reading this blog, you are probably not the average Joe. You are making a concerted effort to better your health-mind and body. Just remember to have fun with it. This is your life and food is essential to joy.