Iridology is the study of the iris in the eye. We are born with a set constitution which adapts to our environment and surroundings as a child and becomes our life tapestry. Our constitution is genetically inherited but this becomes unique with physical, emotional, spiritual and mental changes and occurrences in our lives.

Iridologists assess:

·         Patterns

·         Density and shading of colours

·         Structure of the iris fibres

·         Markings and shapes

Iridology can be a fantastic tool during your herbal medicine consultation in identifying areas that can be assisted by herbs. From your eye, I can determine genetic predispositions and 'nurture' points telling you those things that you may have to take a little extra care of. I can often see characteristics which make you who you are and give me an insight of how you interact in the world with other people. I can also, most importantly, tell you what your health priority is at any given time. Iridology can also help outline a diet that would be best suited to your eye colour and structure, which your body would most efficiently function on.

The most common thing I see in an eye is a strong determination and love – for everyone else in that person’s life – but very little for themselves