TNN #16 The MINDFUL Blueprint

Cindra (Holistic Health Honey) joins me today as we discuss our BRAND NEW program, The Mindful Blueprint.

This podcast breaks down each of the ten weeks of this comprehensive, life changing program and why we have put this together.

If you missed it, we speak more about mindful living and why we do this back in episode nine (Mindful Diet = Mindful Life).

Habit changing, mind blowing, life makeover...These are some of the phrases you will utter when you take part in our Mindful Blueprint program!  

This program is all about slow, steady, attainable changes, for living your best life.

We'd love you to join us.

Register your interest here. The first 50 people who sign up for The Mindful Blueprint will become a special VIP member. Program will begin mind-2016.