simply balanced

Simply Balanced is a collection of recipes that have come about from Mel's experience in clinic with people

suffering food intolerances and gut issues. Mel is a Herbalist and Nutritionist with 6 years experience in

health food. She created these recipes for her clients experiencing gastrointestinal issues and in need of gut

healing. They are anti-inflammatory, gut healing, balanced, nutrient dense, wheat free and encourage the body's

own natural detoxification abilities. They are also family friendly and have successfully made it into many weekly

meal planners and become family favourites for many of her clients.  

With over 40 recipes and 100 pages this beautiful book will be a fantastic addition to your home cooking.

If you have tried any of Mel's recipes you will know they are family friendly, super easy, tasty and nutritious.

I want to educate people in a way to live a Simple and Balanced life through the food and medicine that nature has given us.
— Mel

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simply balanced is available as a hardcover or an ebook!

download and save the ebook to your favourite device and be able to access all of the delicious recipes anywhere.