Zazen Alakine Water System

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The Zazen Alkaline Water filter system replicates Mother Nature’s water cycle by transforming your drinking water into refreshing, alkaline mineral water that tastes great and provides the following health benefits all day, every day!

  • Alkalises – pH around 7.4 (can increase up to 8.5 pH using our Alkalinity & Anti-Oxidant Enhancer), depending on your source water

  • Reduces Fluoride – Up to 90%

  • BPA & Phthalate Free with Glass Bottom Tank option

  • Tastes Delicious – everyone loves it, especially kids!

  • Exceptional Quality – filters harmful THMs, poisonous heavy metals and other bacteria down to 0.2 micron

  • Hydrates – immediately at a cellular level

  • Nourishes – with a balanced range of essential minerals & electrolytes

  • Cleanses – enabling cells to release toxic waste

How does it work?

The Zazen Alkaline Water system has been designed to emulate Mother Nature’s natural water filtration and remineralisation process. Water in nature filters slowly through Mother Earth before bubbling up through a pristine spring, full of energy and lifeforce, essentially living water.

Our drinking water becomes contaminated in two main forms: bacterial and chemical. With a State-of-the-Art 10 stage process, the Zazen Alkaline Water filter system works to clean your water, reducing bacterial & chemical contamination, and then rebalance, remineralise, protect and restructure the water so that you enjoy the very best alkaline drinking water full of essential health benefits.

It has been designed by Zazen, in collaboration with leading Japanese and Korean water scientists, specifically for Australian and New Zealand water supplies.

Capacity: 8 litres in lower tank (both plastic and glass tanks), 4 litres in upper tank

Dimensions: Base diameter 315mm. Height: with BPA-Free Plastic Bottom Tank 560mm, with Glass Bottom Tank 530mm

Weight: 5.3kgs including all filters & stones. Glass Bottom Tank is an additional 3.4kgs

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