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Kefir Water Masterclass


SOLD OUT! Please see our next fermenting class - First time fermenters :)

Sunday 4th August 11-12.30

New to kefir making or an old hand at the fermenting process? Either way, join Mel for this one-off kefir masterclass on how to make the best brew for taste and health.

In this workshop Mel will teach you everything she knows about kefir and the benefits of using it for good health and preventive medicine, as well as all her tricks of the trade!

This is the perfect class for winter-learn how kefir feeds your immune system and how to use it to stay well this winter.


1.5 hour hands-on intimate class with Mel

Making own individual ferment to take home

2L jar and 200g kefir grains ($65 worth)

How to flavour kefir water

Tastings on different stage kefir water

Recognising poor kefir

Keeping your kefir grains happy and healthy

Answering all your burning kefir questions

Bring your copy of Mel's cookbook to scribble notes or buy one on the day!

Sunday 4th August 11-12.30

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