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DETOX TALK (online access)


Are you tired of struggling to lose weight?

Are you waking up tired day after day?

Do you feel it's time for a change but not sure where to start? 

I am tired of seeing women confused and lost in the mass of health advice and bombarded with feelings of low self esteem and guilt.

This talk will break down the myths and hype surrounding modern day detoxing, how you can start to detox in your everyday life and what your next steps might be if you want to take this further...

When you purchase the talk you will be sent a link to view it online. The talk is approximately 45 minutes in length.

If you do want to purchase the whole NJAD package (which does include this talk), then click here to get started now...

The Not Just Another Detox 2 week program will give you simple advice and practical tools to start and continue on this journey.  Not Just Another Detox is just that. No magic pills, potions or powders. Instead I will teach you how to detox your life and body naturally. This is one of the most effective ways to shed excess fat and start to make long term sustainable changes.

Let's make new habits to make sure any weight lost is kept off and any changes made and goals achieved really stick this time. Do it properly this once with me and pave the way for a truly healthy future.

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Toxicity is unavoidable in today’s modern society...When we walk outside we are exposed to thousands of toxins via our lungs, skin and digestive system. Did you know we have a residual burden of two to three thousand new-to-nature chemicals which are invented and released into the environment every year? So how do we remove these toxins and where do we start? We do this by reducing as much of the toxic burden on our bodies through healthy diet and lifestyle choices. Choices need to be made not only about what goes into the mouth but what goes on our bodies as skincare, hair care, perfumes, makeup, deodorants and even toothpastes are often full of toxins. Join MG Herbs' Clinical Herbalist and Iridologist, Melissa Gearing, for this free introduction on how to detox! This is not just another commercial detox. Your body needs specific nutrients to detox properly, which something like a lemon water detox does not provide. Melissa will explain toxins, what they are, how they affect your body and weight and how to reduce toxicity in your life. The aim is to make small consistent changes so that you don’t need to ‘do a detox’ every couple of months, you will be living well, naturally, all the time. Mel will also explain her own two week programme which she has created after experience with what clients want and what works in with daily life! This program is now available ONLINE, head to mgherbs.com/detox to join NOW!