About Iridolody


Iridology is the study of the iris in the eye. We are each born with a unique constitution which adapts to our environment and surroundings as a child and becomes our life tapestry. Our constitution is genetically inherited but this becomes our own with the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental journey that is our life.

Mel uses a combination of torches, charts and experience to assess your eye. She will look at your patterns, the density and shading of your colours, the structure of the iris fibres and your individual markings to determine how your eyes reflect your health.

Iridology can be a fantastic tool during your herbal medicine consultation in identifying areas that can be assisted by herbs. From your eye, Mel can determine genetic predispositions and 'nurture' points pointing to areas that you may have to take a little extra care of. Mel can often see characteristics which make you who you are and give insight in how you interact and present to the world and with other people. Most importantly, your eyes can tell you what your health priority is at any given time. Iridology can also assist in outlining a diet that would be best suit your eye colour and structure and which your body would most efficiently function on. Mel says "The most common thing I see in an eye is a strong determination and love – for everyone else in that person’s life – but very little for themselves”. Love for the self is arguably the most important factor to healing on any level.

Iridology In Practice - "Mel's Eyes" 

Mel has a Lymphatic (blue) constitution with an orange overlay. The blue suggests that Mel may have an overactive immune system with a high likelihood of allergies and food intolerance. She will be prone to wet, mucousy conditions as her mucous membranes are sensitive and skin rashes are common when out of balance. The blue eye tends to have a love for dairy but it encourages mucous congestion and often causes inflammation for people with this eye. Blue eyes LOVE warm things. For Mel, this manifests for a love of warm food and drinks, hot baths and humid sticky days.

The orange indicates that she is ruled by her pancreas and will likely have a strong family history of diabetes, as well as a predisposition to develop this herself if she does not take care of her body. Orange eyes often have a love hate relationship with food whereby they may reward or punish themselves with food. When out of balance they can be under or over weight. They enjoy showing their love for people by feeding them and will often turn up with muffins or a casserole when things are bad or to celebrate events. When in balance they are often passionate about food and love to spend time in the kitchen, collecting recipes and trying new things. For Mel, this love of food has manifested in using food as medicine every single day. She has shared this love by creating Simply Balanced, a recipe book for families to include nutritious food in their lives. Click here to check out Mel's cookbook and grab your ebook or hard copy now. 

The fundamental base of your eye will not change. This is your genetically inherited material. Iridology can be used as a tool to help guide your health as well as prevent and manage your predispositions.