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Are you tired of struggling to lose weight? Are you waking up tired day after day? Do you feel it's time for a change but not sure where to start? 

I am tired of seeing women confused and lost in the mass of health advice and bombarded with feelings of low self esteem and guilt.

Join me and BE TRANSFORMED with this two week cleanse for your body, mind and soul.

This is the best possible beginning for you to initiate change. This two week program will give you simple advice and practical tools to start and continue on this journey.  

No magic pills, potions or powders. Instead I will teach you how to detox your life and body naturally. This is one of the most effective ways to shed excess fat and start to make long term sustainable changes.

Let's make new habits to make sure any weight lost is kept off and any changes made and goals achieved really stick this time. Do it properly this once with me and pave the way for a truly healthy future.

"I have been seeing Melissa Gearing since the beginning of 2016 and I have found her to be very supportive and knowledgeable in consultations. 

I initially started a detox with Melissa that has helped me in a number of aspects of my diet and lifestyle changes. The detox has had ongoing results in reductions in medication, and weight, and improved cholesterol and blood pressure results. Going on the detox with Melissa helped with my energy levels, and sleep patterns and I always had plenty of nutritious food to eat. Melissa provided meal ideas and recipes that all my family could eat and enjoy which has resulted in changes to all my family’s diet.

Each consultation Melissa is always friendly and professional and individualises the herbal mixture to suit my current needs.  I have never been able to tolerate the taste of herbal mixtures and Melissa took this information and has structured each mixture to suit not only my needs but to suit my palate also. I would recommend Melissa to anyone who is looking for a medical herbalist with a caring and professional manner. "





She joined my tribe just one year ago. At that time she had some health complaints that we started working on together. She knew she was ready for a change. After treating her initial complaints, she joined the program and went all in. Every time I asked her to do something, she did it. And she quickly started to reap the rewards of her own hard work. Within a short time Emm has lost weight, reversed insulin resistance as well as other chronic health complaints, and has sustained all of the good habits she set out to. She didn't get lucky and she does have a life outside of seeing me!

I have so many other strong women who have changed their lives by using my simple tools to start to make a change that sticks. Emm is smart and she worked her butt off-and still is! If it were too easy everyone would have already done it! But if you follow her example and jump in feet first your hard work pays off quickly and for the long run. You may even be lucky enough to have some of your questions answers by Emm during your detox time as she jumps on board as a coach this time round. She is leading by example and it has been inspirational to get to know her and watch her changes unfold.

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MGHerbs and the healthy cocktail have teamed up to bring you the much loved detox program with an added juice cleanse!